Please Donate

Every month, a new wallpaper will be provided to anyone making a donation of $1 or more to Venus Envy via PayPal. Every wallpaper is hand-drawn and computer-colored by Erin, usually with a monthly theme, and features characters from the comic series.

Donation FAQ

Why do we have to Donate a Buck? That seems kinda greedy!
It is a little greedy, yes, but PayPal charges 50 cents per transaction; its just part of using their service. If I get people sending me 4 cent donations just to get the wallpaper, PayPal keeps all that for themselves and I starve to death inside a cardboard box behind Wal-Mart. And thus ends the comic.

I made a donation three weeks ago, but my wallpaper still hasn't arrived in the mail!
The wallpaper isn't a physical wallpaper, it's a digital file for your computer (dip). It will be e-mailed to you automatically

Money's tight this month; I only have a quarter
Not a problem. Just find three other friends who can only spare a quarter. Combine your funds into a single one-dollar donation and copy the wallpaper amongst yourselves (and let the RIAA be damned).

I really like this month's Wallpaper. Can I get it as a print?
Time will tell. If the wallpapers prove to be popular, we may begin selling prints of them (or perhaps past monthly wallpapers as digital files) in the VE store. Keep you eyes peeled.